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Performing over 200 shows annually, Hamilton Ontario’s Freedom Train is the go-to band for parties and festivals across Canada. 

Freedom Train puts a spin on their huge variety of classic rock, R&B, country and funky songs. 

This power-trio features the four octave vocal range of vocalist / bassist Carl Jennings, the inventive two-piece kit drumming of Tim Jennings and the creative guitar stylings of “Big Ed" Mitchell. 

The three members create a full and authentic sound. 

Freedom Train can go from re-creating a Led Zeppelin classic note-per-note one moment, then switch to their own arrangement of a Louis Armstrong standard. 

Their variety of great songs and vastly different musical styles within a show has been the secret to Freedom Train’s success for the past 28 years! 

Freedom Train is proud to make music their living since 1989 with the same band members!

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